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Grades 1-9 Action Plan

Grades 1-9 Action Plan

The Aim of the Project

The project conforms to the aim of the project “Futures Imagination & Cultivation of creative talent” of Ministry of Education, targeting teachers and students of all elementary and junior high schools in Taiwan. The goals of the project are as follows:


1. To Enhance the Cultivation of Imagination, Creativity and Futures Thinking of Talent.

Cultivate future leaders to provide guidance for Taiwan to face the changing environment.

Utilize the knowledge to elevate the quality of life in the challenging environment.


2. To Address Essential Issues About “The Cultivation of Futures Imagination and Creative Talent.”

Future Homeland: Provide opportunities for local students to take part in rebuilding their future homeland by combining reconstruction plan of natural disaster, and also develop their capacity for imagination, creativity and futures thinking in the process.

Future Environment: arouse the ecological thoughts of learners and concern for the environment, prompt environmental-protection action and take part in solving the problems in local environment and the plight of global ecosystem.


3. To Induce Elementary and Junior High Schools to Invest in the Cultivation of Futures Imagination and Creative Talent.

To induce elementary and junior high schools to invest in the cultivation of future imagination and creative talent, and encourage students to cultivate the capacity of caring for present and futures imagination by promoting education of futures imagination vertically.






Align with Government Policy


The first issue in the summary report of the eighth Convention of Technology indicated: “Combining humanity and technology & elevating the quality of life.” In response to social transformations and develop human-centered technologies, the Eighth National Technology Meeting specified that through future imagination education, to enrich learners’ ideas, elevate the capacity of core value thinking; to encourage cultivation of technology and humanity from different perspectives, and the capacity of overall thoughts about futures and futures imagination.

At the end of the eighth Convention of Technology, the former minister of Executive Yuan pointed out, “In order to enhance the research capacity of people in Taiwan, the Ministry of Education and National Science Council must improve the way of enlightenment in basic education and strengthen the research related to the education of technology in the field of ‘Creative Education’.”

According to the aim of the establishment of the Advisory Office, one of the duties of the Advisory Office is to frame, promote and assess the educational plan of technology, humanity and sociology. The Advisory Office also embarks on the structure and planning of the technological plan in the intermediate project from 2011 to 2014.

One of the ultimate goals of technological development of Taiwan is to enhance knowledge and creativity system.


Based on the Project on the Enhancement of Creative Education

The White Paper on Creative Education was announced in 2002 by the Advisory Office of the Ministry of Education. The ministry’s overall goal is to create a “Republic of Creativity (R. O. C.)” here in Taiwan. The Advisory Office of the Ministry of Education implements “the Developmental Project on the Enhancement of Creative Education” from 2002-2008, and the fruitfulness results from creative teachers, creative learners, creativity information banks, creative campuses, creative cultivation, international exchange, local creativity, creative intermediate schools, the Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest, practice of creativity and creativity assessment. The project is planned to transform and regenerate the Enhancement of Creative Education by adding in futures imagination