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Countryside Encounter: Hakka Cycling Experience


The Planning Office and Fugui Elementary School in Nantou County will collaborate to hold the inaugural domestic trial of the "Countryside Encounter: Hakka Cycling Experience" special program on May 28-29, 112th year. For this trial, Wulu Elementary School in Taitung County has been invited to participate, and a team from the I-Shou University will join the program for creative implementation.

On the first day, the program will primarily take place at Fugui Elementary School and its surrounding community. The students will visit community landmarks, such as Jiuming Tree and Grandma's Washing Stone, on foot to understand the development and historical events of the community. They will also learn Hakka greetings and folk songs.

On the second day, the students will explore the Fugui community by cycling, allowing them to discover the new aspects of the community. They will engage in orienteering activities to find answers related to the community knowledge they have acquired over the two days. Lastly, they will learn the production of traditional Hakka bamboo crafts and cuisine. The program will conclude with the creation of songs expressing their imagination and the preservation needs of the Fugui community in the next 20 years.

Participating partner school:

  • Wulu Elementary School, Haiduan Township, Taitung County

Participating university for creative implementation:

  • I-Shou University

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