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"Lingwu Bunun: Indigenous Cultural Program" at Wulu Elementary School


The "Lingwu Bunun: Indigenous Cultural Program" was held for the first time in Taiwan at Wulu Elementary School, Taitung County on November 16-17, 2022.

For this event, Fugui Elementary School from Guoxi Township, Nantou County, and Gongguan Elementary School from Ludao Township, Taitung County were invited to participate. Teams from National Dong Hwa University and I-Shou University were also invited to join the program and contribute to creative activities and practical workshops.

On the first day of the program, the focus was on cultural exchange among students from the three schools at Wulu Elementary School. They introduced their hometowns and shared their traditional folk songs. The students also had the opportunity to experience traditional Bunun activities such as archery and spinning tops. On the second day, mountain climbing and stream tracing activities took place. In addition to introducing the traditional mountain life of the Bunun tribe, the program incorporated lessons on natural plants and wildlife from textbooks. Finally, the students expressed their imagination for the future of the Lingwu area in the next 20 years through the creation of traditional Bunun songs.

The participating partner schools, Fugui Elementary School and Gongguan Elementary School, fostered collaboration and cultural exchange between schools from different regions. The involvement of National Dong Hwa University and I-Shou University contributed to the creative implementation of the program and its practical applications.

This trial marked an important milestone in promoting cultural diversity, preserving indigenous heritage, and strengthening inter-school partnerships in Taitung County.


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