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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Action Plan

The Development of School-Centered Community Innovation and Entrepreneurship Action Plan




This project is an action plan under the "Rural Education Development Project".

The Ministry of Education (MOE) acknowledged the importance of “experimental innovation” and named 2015 as the “Year of Educational Innovation”. Also stated that new elements, new measures and new members should be included in the future educational system, the “Rural Education Development Project” is therefore proposed, hoping to enhance the quality of education and promote innovation of education in rural areas to eliminate the urban-rural educational quality divide.


Four major aspects in promoting rural education:

  • Experimental education, educational innovation
  • Digital integration, virtual/reality co-learning
  • Resource combination, community interconnection
  • See the change, model sharing


A total of 29 project & action plan teams participated in the project.




About Our Action Plan

Action Plan Background:

Elementary schools serve important purposes in local communities:

  • As knowledge center
  • As cultural center
  • As entrepreneurial center


The current project implements the teaching resources that were developed from “The Program of Futures Imagination and Creativity in Education” during 2011 to 2014, and aims to solve the challenges faced with rural schools in Taiwan.


Develop innovation and entrepreneurship through establishing partnerships between elementary/ junior high schools, universities and the local community.



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